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Front Royal Midget Football League (FRMFL)

Front Royal Midget Football League (FRMFL)

FRMFL Rules & Regulations

I. League Administration

a. The league will consist of: “A” “B” “C” “D” team head coaches and league officers. All decisions will be settled by a minimum vote of 4 league officers.
b. $2.00 gate admission for everyone except the following: People listed in the program, concession stand workers for that night, under five (5), junior managers (two per team only). Every coach’s wife and children must pay unless they are under 5.

Reminder: Coaches are volunteers, and the head coach's decision for the team is final. Also, referees' decisions are final during game time.


II. Registration (NO REFUNDS) $35.00 Fee on all returned checks!

a. Regular Registration fees:
$ 100.00 – for one family member
$160.00 – for two family members
$200.00 – for three family members
$240.00 – for four family members

b. Early Registration fees:
$90.00 – for one family member
$150.00 – for two family members
$190.00 – for three family members
$230.00 – for four family members

c. Registration forms can be picked up at the Warren County Parks and Recreation Department. Registration will be held the last two Saturday’s in July. Try outs will be held at 11:00a.m., on both Saturday's.

III. Age / Weight Requirements

a. Birth certificates are required for new registrants

No minimum of maximum unlimited (all players must be weighed)
Maximum weight in the backfield on “A” team is unlimited (12 – 14* year olds)
Maximum weight in the backfield on “B” team is 125 lbs. (10 – 11 year olds)
Maximum weight in the backfield on “C” team is 100 lbs. (8 – 9 year olds)
Maximum weight in the backfield on “D” team is 70 lbs. (5 – 7 year olds)

b. One time only weigh-in using scales purchased by the league and only in the presence of at least 1 league officer. The president of the league is in care of the scales; they are at his home.

c. Only those players who will attain the age of 5 years before August 1, of the present year and children cannot be over *14 years old before August 2, of the present year will be eligible for participation in the Front Royal Midget Football League. First 240 taken

IV. Drafting Procedures:

a. The draft is for new players only. Team coaches must pick in reverse of how they finished during the previous year (win/lose record). Based on “A” team finish.
b. Players come first in order to have a new first year coach to be able to help coach a team “A” “B” “C” and “D”. Be ready to choose a child in the 1st round or he/she is open to be chosen by any other team, or you might have to work out an agreement to trade with another team who drafted the child. Second year coaches' children are called “siblings” and have to be taken by the fifth round. If not chosen, he/she is open to other teams. Brothers should be taken by the round decided by current league officers vote based on division participation.
c. Players with prior experience shall return to their team from the previous year. NO EXCEPTIONS.
d. Each division will have a separate draft.
e. If new registrants are NOT at try outs they cannot be drafted until the end of the draft.
f. If a player doesn't make weight requirements, has a medical reason, or chooses another sport, or other reasons are out for one year and decide to come back to play football, they will be assigned to the team where they were originally drafted. If out two years. They must go back in the draft.
g. It is the duty of each head coach to draft what players he needs for that year to make sure that all rules are obeyed.

V. Managers and Coaches

a. The roster will be made up of signed registration forms with those players who have had their weight checked with the Front Royal Midget Football League. All forms must be completed by guardian and checked by league officers before he/she can get practice equipment.

b. The head coach of all “A” “B” “C” and “D” teams must be at all practices, games and meetings. If either head coach misses two practices, two games or two meetings in succession – disciplinary actions up to dismissal by league officers will take place ASAP.

c. A coach of record in the Front Royal Midget Football League must be at least eighteen (18) years of age. A coach who is nominated by a retiring coach will be Top Priority. The nominated coach will come before the board, giving time to speak and the board will have a question and answering session. A team head coach will nominate a B team head coach. The B team head coach will come before the board, giving time to speak and the board will have a question and answering session. If for any reason the A team head coach does not nominate anyone, the board will have to open up for the other coaches in the league that wish to become a head coach. All head coaches will come before the board.

d. All coaches are responsible for players, parents and spectators. No parents, unless on the chain gang, are allowed on sidelines or practice fields. Chain gangs consist of adults or children no younger than 13 years of age.

e. The use or smell of alcohol and/or use of tobacco products by coaches and their assistants is prohibited. This is during practice and games. If caught with alcohol, you will be suspended for life.

f. Junior managers will be limited to two for “A” “B” “C” and “D” teams. Junior managers must be 13 years of age.

g. Any coach or officer that takes any action that is considered detrimental to the league immediate disciplinary measures will be taken. Final disciplinary recommendations will be determined by the President or Board.

h. No coach is permitted to enter the field without permission from the game referee. This does not include injury time-outs.

i. If any coach is dismissed for any reason he/she must be voted with approval to coach again by the current league officers.

j. The A team head coach oversees the entire team, all divisions (A, B, C&D). The head coach oversees all practices, team parents and team activity on and off field.

VI. Game Procedures

Virginia High School League Federation playing rules will govern all games with the exception as outlined in the league rules.

All games will be scheduled with the coordination of the field availability with Warren County Parks and Recreation.

a. A games will consist of four (10) eight-minute quarters, with mandatory warm-ups. Time allowed for halftime is 10 minutes.

B games will consist of four (4) eight-minute quarters, with mandatory warm-ups. Time allowed for halftime is 10 minutes.

C games will consist of four (4) eight-minute quarters, with mandatory warm-ups. Time allowed for halftime is 10 minutes.

D games will be 45 minutes long, clock will not stop running with no officiating.

b. “B” “C” and “D” defenses only. 6 players on line, interior linemen must be in 3 or 4-point stance all others must be 3 yards behind the line of scrimmage.

c. “All Star” games will be at the discretion of the league officers.

d. “B” and “C” team only, after there is a 35-point difference the score will be taken off scoreboard and the game will be completed. The game will end showing a 35-point difference.

VII. Conduct and Disciplinary Action

a. Players, coaches, and mangers shall not make disparaging or insulting remarks about opposing players, officials or spectators.

b. Coaches, parents and players are responsible for their own conduct before, during and after league games and practice. Coaches and parents will be suspended at the discretion of the league officers for fighting or violence of any kind.

c. If a coach gets kicked out of a game, he has to leave the stadium, immediately. He will be able to return in 2 weeks (suspension will be from practice and the following weeks game). If a player gets suspended for a game, he gets benched. If kicked out of the All-Star game, coach or player cannot coach or play first game of next season.

d. Any concern about a player, coach or parent must be addressed with the league officers during a special meeting with all involved parties.

e. Social media – Any negativity toward the league, league officers, coaches, players or parent will not be tolerated. Disciplinary actions will be decided and voted on by the league officers and the following actions will be taken:

1st offense – 1 week suspension from practice and games
2nd offense – 3 week suspension from practice and games
3rd offense – removal from all league activities entirely

VIII. Special Rules

a. All present players are not required to play. This will be based on the coach's choice of talent or injury.

b. The league officers, by vote, have the right to release a player.

c. Practice can only be held four (4) days a week for no more than 2 ½ hours per practice s on a team before the game start. After games start can only practice two (2) a week.

d. Practice for All-Star games can be up to five days.

e. The total number of All-Star players on a team cannot exceed 30.

f. All players and coaches should be on the sideline area when the game is being played.

g. No switching of jersey numbers (unless torn up or misplaced) on players after the roster is made; no exceptions. If switched the head coach must tell the opposing team and the league officer on the given day the game is to be played.

h. First violation by coaches, loss of second round draft choice.
Second violation: loss of first round draft choice.
Third violation: Dismissed from the league after meeting with league officers

i. Tie –Breakers - All divisions will play in overtime until someone wins. Second tie breaker is head to head between the two tie teams. Third tie breaker is head to head between the other teams, least amount of points given up during the year. Fourth tie breaker is that another game will have to be scheduled to take place.

IX. Coach's duty for concession stand

a. Each head coach is responsible for getting the team parent to get help in the concession stand

b. Team parents are to meet with head concession person in charge before the season starts and make schedule.

c. Team parents are to call parents who are scheduled to work in the concession stand and remind them. If for any reason, the person scheduled to work cannot do the duty they must to get a replacement for that night. No exceptions. Team will lose draft choices if there is a shortage in the concession stand. Violation (1st violation team loss 5th round draft choice, 2nd violation team loss 4th round draft choice and etc.)

d. A minimum of 4 are to be scheduled to work with at least 1 having the ability to cook on the grill.

X. Other

a. NO coolers of any kind are allowed inside the stadium unless they are for the cheerleaders or football players

b. Except for seeing-eye dogs, no pets are allowed in the stadium.

XI. League Officers

2019 TBD

Requirements for Officers and Directors

a. Officer – You must be in good standing with the league. You must have been a coach or worked with midget football for five years. OFFICERS cannot be a coach on any team.

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